For Immediate Release October 17, 2012

Online portal is designed to promote new flavors and products for newest client "Atlantic Bottling" makers of "Western Whiskey"

Bradley Beach, New Jersey - October 17, 2012 - Atlantic Bottling, originally Micro Distilling in Ocean N.J. has recently expanded with corporate offices in PA and craft small batch distilling in Rochester NY. The new online portal is designed to promote the entire product line up for Western Whiskey.

Lone Keep Internet, Inc., has been working with Western Whiskey to bring their new product line to the web. Part of the launch was to expand the exposure and reach of Western Whiskey to the rest of the world not just here at the Jersey Shore. Richard M.J. Jarosz, President of Lone Keep Internet, stated that "bringing this new website online has been a lot of fun. Some of the technical issues with this type of interactive site have been a challenging pleasure."

Atlantic Bottling's All-American Small Batch Flavored Whiskey Made with fine U.S. Whiskey. What Scotch is to Scotland, bourbon is to the U.S.A., the American variety can be much more approachable-it's noticeably sweeter, not as smoky, and for the most part, less expensive. Generally, American whiskey is made up of a mixture of corn, rye, wheat, and barley (collectively referred to as the mash) and is aged in charred-oak barrels, but each variety has its own characteristics. It's never been easier to become acquainted with American Whiskey, The U.S. of A.'s most potent, ballsy, rip-roaring spirit.

Atlantic Bottling also produces Tattoo Tony's Hard Iced Tea and Zachlawi Fine Spirits. Along with its signature "Fig Arak", Zachlawi is famous for a line Kosher premium gourmet Araks, and premium Vodka & Flavored Vodka Certified for Passover including "Sweet Potato"

"We are truly proud of Western Whiskey, which is a blend of American Hand-Crafted Small Batch whiskey that is super smooth and delicious", Commented Master Distiller Marty Kairey. "Our launch flavor "Honey Pepper" starts off sweet as the Clover Honey coats your palate, only then does the Whiskey profile dance along your tongue, and a soft Chili Pepper bites kicks in at the end, begging you for another sip, it's dangerous." "There's really nothing out there quite like Western Whiskey, as we are looking to present the most exclusive and unique selection of flavored whiskey products. We are all about quality, selection and uniqueness", concluded Mr. Abe Shrem, Director of Sales and Marketing for Atlantic Bottling.

About Lone Keep Internet
Lone Keep Internet is a leading Internet Business Consulting Firm on the Jersey Shore. Lone Keep Internet is a web design, search engine marketing and optimization company, specializing in web site optimization, site rankings, web site hosting, web site design, Internet marketing strategies and Ecommerce shopping cart solutions.

About Western Whiskey
Western Whiskey is a blend of American Hand-Crafted Small Batch whiskey that is super smooth and very enjoyable for non whiskey drinkers. Western is currently producing Honey Pepper and has plans to launch Peach Whiskey shortly. Western Whiskey is designed to be much more approachable-it's noticeably sweeter, soft on the bite and it's very smooth going down, but don't let that fool you. It is very easy and begs for more... As the Cowgirl said in her southern drawl "Hey, it's His Whiskey but My Pleasure"

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